Welcome to the new Card & Party Web site

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To login to the new site you should use your existing username(email) but your password has been changed to the default code of your postcode without any spaces.

If you have forgotten which postcode is on your details use the [Forgot your password?] link on the login screen.


If you are having problems accessing the site email sales@card-party.co.uk or phone 0161 796 7353.
When you register your details you will receive a confirmation that your details have been recorded.

You will not be able to access the site until your details are confirmed and you are sent a second email confirming you have access.

Please read the details on changes below for a brief overview and for details on the changes to adding products especially.

Changes in new site:-

* Orders will be stored automatically even after a time out and will still be there when you log back in whether you save it in a cart or not. You will need to be on the same device that the order was started on and your browser will need scripting turned on (most will have automatically).

* The main log-in screen will be removed and be located as an option on the home page. You will still need to log-in to see prices and place orders.

* The ability to store and recall multiple delivery addresses has been added.

* The drop down menu at the top has been replaced with a vertical menu down the side to allow quicker access to other departments.

* The ability to select several items on a screen by ‘ticking’ and then add them all to your order by choosing Add to Cart has been added to speed up ordering.

To use the new product ordering feature you just enter the quantity you require and tick the box beside it. If you do not enter a quantity but tick the box it counts as 1 item. Before leaving the screen finish by selecting the ADD TO CART button and your items will be added to the cart

In addition to the cosmetic changes that the new site will have, we will be extending many ranges including cards to increase the choice that you can have.


The Card & Party Web Site Team.